Plant Virus Biodiversity and Ecology

(Funded NSF-EPSCoR Program)

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From left: Michael Palmer, Rick Nelson, Vaskar Thapa, Ulrich Melcher, Kay Scheets, Graham Wiley, Veenita Grover, Tracy Feldman, Fengqiu Judy Zhang, Jonathan Wren, Marlee Pierce, Bruce Roe, Olga Blinkova, Marilyn Roossinck, Guoan Shen

We have put together a select team of scientists representing the disciplines of computer science, strutural biology, molecular biology, genetics, plant virology, botany, and ecology for a coordinated effort to address the above opportunity. These investigators are from four of the major research institutions of the state: Oklahoma State University, University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma University Health Sciences Center, and the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation. Hiring of additional investigators with EPSCoR funding will place an additional team member at the University of Tulsa. Team members include falculty, post-doctoral fellows, graduate students, and staff.

Postdoctoral Fellows:

  • Olga Blinkova (OSU Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Melcher & Palmer), departed
  • Tracy Feldman (SR Noble Foundation, Roossinck & Craven)
  • Nikki Charlton (SR Noble Foundation, Craven & Roossinck)
  • Byoung Eun Min (SR Noble Foundation, Nelson & Verchot-Lubicz)
  • Graduate Students:


    The project is proud to have as its external advisors:

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    Last updated October 4, 2007